The Houston Rockets won’t offer a major contract to bring in the franchise star.

According to Kelly Echo of 『The Athletic』, Houston may not offer ‘The Beard’ James Harden (guard, 196cm, 100kg) a contract with more than the best treatment.먹튀검증

Houston is emerging as a strong candidate to sign Harden this summer. At the same time, Houston is looking to recruit a force with experience in addition to Harden. It is understood that they are aiming for a leap again starting with the recruitment of Harden, but they are also aiming to diversify their forces at the same time rather than relying only on Harden.

The labor-management agreement signed during this season further strengthened regulations on the increase in annual salary. In addition to the existing first apron, a second apron was newly installed. This has resulted in much tougher sanctions against overspending. Assuming that Houston has multiple superstars this time, spending may not be high right away, but it can become a burden later.

Also, there was a limit to the tremendous control that Harden had when playing for Houston before. In this regard, if Harden is held at the $35 million per year level and recruited other players, he can fill in his experience and skills. It may be difficult to leap to the championship right away, but it seems possible enough to aim for the playoffs.

Recently, Harden was known to have met with Philadelphia 76ers coach Nick Nurses. Harden is still expected to weigh Houston and Philadelphia. It is not impossible for him or for him to move to a third club. However, clubs that are already challenging for the title are already lined up, so it seems unlikely that Harden will transfer to a place other than Houston.

Philadelphia also sacked head coach Doc Rivers. It means that the weight is being placed on having Harden sit down. Former coach Rivers left some regrets in using Harden and his existing players in a big game. Accordingly, it should be seen that Philadelphia chose the Nursing coach over former coach Rivers. With the new head coach of the Nursing, Harden may focus on staying, not transferring.

On the other hand, it is natural that he is aiming for a transfer to Houston. He could be hoping for a big deal this time around, but if Houston could step up a bit more, it would be great. It won’t be easy to run for the presidency as a member of the Western Conference, but if Houston catches Harden on the preceding terms, he has more room for maneuver. As much as he’s interested in free agents, he could be more aggressive in negotiating with them.

Meanwhile, Harden signed a new contract with Philadelphia last summer. He agreed to a two-year, $68.6 million contract with Philadelphia. He has a player option ahead of the final year of his contract. He should have been able to win a contract worth 40 million dollars a year. But he remained with the team, accepting a $34.3 million per year contract, but again it was a far cry from the championship.

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