“I guarantee that within 3 years, our team will have the most national team players.”

None of the 30 Korean baseball team players who participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) belonged to Hanwha. It was the only team among the 10 KBO League teams that failed to produce a representative player. It is a part that shows the reality of Hanwha, which has been in a deep dark period for the last three years in a row. 

At the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Media Day held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom on the 30th, when asked about the condition of the WBC participants, the Hanwha players seemed to have nothing to say. Hanwha captain Jung Woo-ram, who attended Media Day that day, also said, “Unfortunately, we didn’t get a single player…”.

However, Jung Woo-ram said,스포츠토토 “I assure you, within three years, our team will have the most national team players. Our juniors will play a lot. (Chae) Eun-seong, (Lee) Tae-yang, (Oh) Seon-jin, Players from other teams are passing on their good experiences to their juniors. (Existing) players are also accumulating experience, so it looks like they will be able to play interesting games this season. We will show our fans that our Hanhwa is changing a lot. will,” he said. 

Chae Eun-seong, who was next to Jung Woo-ram, also said, “I first moved to the Eagles when I moved teams, and it is true that I had prejudices. However, when I came to Hanwha, I was surprised that there were many young players with good skills. 

In an interview with the reporters after the official event, Jung Woo-ram said, “I’m not just saying this. There are many players who can really go to the national team.” He mentioned the prospects one by one. The bright future of Hanwha, which has the richest prospect pool among the 10 clubs, raises expectations.  

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