We have to compete to survive.”

Gyeongnam FC striker Seol Hyun-jin (23) scored his debut goal in the K-League against FC Anyang in the 8th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at the Changwon Soccer Center on the 18th. In the 29th minute of the first half, trailing by 0-1, Castro’s cross hit Anyang’s net with an accurate header.

Seol Hyun-jin, who debuted in the K-League in the 2021 season, played 14 games until last season. He has also made three appearances this season, and this is his first league goal. Before the game, Seol Hyun-jin said to the club officials, “I will score a goal.” He said, “I thought about making my debut goal, but it is meaningful and happy to score in an important game.” I said half-jokingly and half-seriously (I was going to score), but it’s amazing that it came true,” he scratched his head.

Coach Seol also highly praised Seol Hyun-jin after the match. He said, “The professional stage is definitely different. Opportunity comes only when you play a physical and tactical role. Looking at the match against Anyang, I was in pretty good shape, and at this level, I have enough competitiveness.” Seol Hyun-jin said, “Technically and physically, more is required. It’s not easy because it’s the K-League 2 stage,” he said. “There are many good players. I may be inferior in terms of my skills, but I want to show you how to work hard. You have to compete to survive (on the professional stage). I will develop into a good player while learning the strengths of my brothers.”

Seol Hyun-jin’s shirt number this season is 19.토토사이트 It is the same as the number worn by manager Seol in the past when he was with Reading FC (England). Seol Hyun-jin said, “I know because the power analyst hyung told me,” and “I watched the video of the coach’s player days on YouTube. He was playing at a high level. He wants to resemble the director’s physical side. He was scolded a lot for not having stamina. He laughed, saying, “I will make sure not to listen.”

Seol Hyun-jin, who said, “I think there is a strength in playing that uses teammates,” said, “I didn’t set a specific goal. When given a chance, I want to help the team. He still has a lot of areas to develop,” he said to himself.

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