The LG Twins showed off their mobility in front of their former colleagues and went on a military demonstration.

LG won 7-2 against the Lotte Giants in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Demonstration Game’ held at Sajik Stadium on the 18th. The batting line exploded with 14 hits and 7 points, and the mound tied the opponent’s batting line with 6 hits, leading the team to victory.

There was a scene that stood out more than the team victory that day. It was an active run by runners on base. From the first attack, the runners’ hustle play stood out.먹튀검증 At the beginning of the first inning, runner Oh Ji-hwan stole second base with two outs on first base, announcing the start of the game. At the beginning of the second inning, runner Moon Bo-kyung succeeded in stealing third base with one out and second base.

LG’s running baseball, which had been quiet for a while, revived in the middle of the game. Various runners, including Seo Geon-chang in the 6th inning, Hong Chang-ki in the 7th, Shin Min-jae in the 7th, Son Ho-young in the 8th, and Jung Joo-hyun in the 9th, succeeded in stealing and shook the opponent’s battery.

Lotte Battery literally lost its soul. Lee Jeong-hoon, who started as catcher (allowed 2 steals) and Ji-wan Ji, who played as a substitute (allowed 5 steals), could not easily stop the LG runners. On this day, LG attempted a total of 9 stolen bases and succeeded 7 times, showing exciting baseball. And Lotte’s new catcher Yoo Kang-nam (31) watched the scene from the dugout.

After making his pro debut at LG in 2011, Yoo Gang-nam played 10-30 games in 10 seasons until last year. However, he is no longer an LG player. Ahead of this season, he changed his uniform by signing a 4-year free agent (FA) contract with Lotte for a total of 8 billion won. It was his first face-to-face encounter after this transfer.

I was so eager to fight, but unfortunately I couldn’t step on the ground. After the game, Kangnam Yoo went to additional training as if he was disappointed that he could not participate.

In this situation, the LG players attacked Lotte’s home without Yoo Kang-nam. As if he wanted to be replaced, when he only went out on base, he put pressure on his opponent with active base play.

Kangnam Yoo engaged in a strange war of nerves with the off-season LG team. It started with Oh Ji-hwan (33). He provoked Yoo Kang-nam, saying, “I will hold a ceremony after stealing second base (in the match against Lotte).” Even Yoo Kang-nam could not back down. In order to protect his pride, he said, “(Oh Ji-hwan succeeded in stealing base) They said they were holding a ceremony. The loser decided to buy rice. It’s more about pride than that, so I’m going to do my best. I don’t want to be made fun of.” did

There was no Kang-Nam Yoo, but LG players dominated Sajik Stadium and ran all over the place. On the 19th, the final showdown between Lotte and LG, attention is paid to the battle of pride between those who should run and those who should stop, whether Kang-Nam Yoo will participate and whether LG players will show off their mobility once again.

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