Cincinnati Reds Christian Encarnacion-Strand (24) became the player with the longest name in major league history. 안전놀이터, the official major league media outlet, said on the 18th (Korean time), “According to reporter Sarah Reims, Christian Encarnacion-Strand will be the longest name in major league history. If you factor in the first and last names (and hyphens included), the Cincinnati prospect’s name is 27 letters long. It easily surpasses the 22 letters of Simeon Woods Richardson, who debuted in Minnesota in 2022.” 

Encarnacion-Strand, who is ranked 5th in Cincinnati and 88th in the Major Leagues in the prospect rankings, started as the designated hitter at number 7 against the San Francisco Giants at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and went 0-2 at bats. recorded The game was suspended for a suspended game in the 7th inning with the score tied 2-2. said, “In this survey, players’ names were determined based on the registered names chosen by the players. Therefore, the name of Mike Trout (Angels) is Mike, not Michael, and spaces or hyphens in the last name or the name itself are included in the number of characters, but spaces in the first name and last name are not included in the number of characters.” . 

With Encarnacion-Strand and Richardson ranking first and second respectively, the list of players with the third longest name in major league history has a name familiar even to Korean fans. Christian Bethancourt, who played for the NC Dinos in the KBO League in 2019, is the main character. Bethancourt tied for third place with a total of 20 letters. 

In addition to Betancourt, Luis Alexander Basabe, Fautino De Los Santos, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Valerio De Los Santos, William Van Landingham VanLandingham) and Theodore Breitenstein were tied for third place with 20 letters. said, “Encarnacion-Strand will be number one all-time, even if only the last name is counted. With a total of 18 letters, it is two more than Woods Richardson. However, only Encarnacion is written on the uniform.”

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