Moon Dong-joo (20), a top-class prospect for Hanwha, will make his final appearance in the regular season at Jamsil LG Jeonjeon on the 2nd of next month, unless there is a variable of cancellation in the rain.

Hanwha officials and coach Choi Won-ho confirmed this ahead of the KIA game in Gwangju on the 25th. As Hanwha started this season as a full-time manager, they set an inning limit (about 120 innings) on Moon Dong-ju. There were many residual injuries last year, and there was a judgment that you shouldn’t overdo it with a special prospect who is the first full-time selection experience.메이저놀이터

Moon Dong-ju has an average ERA of 3.38 with 8 wins and 7 losses in 21 games until the 18th against KT. He ends the season with a game against Hanhwa in Gwangju on the 27th, followed by a game against LG in Jamsil on the 2nd. Currently, he has played 109⅓ innings. He would go just over 120 innings by pitching just six innings in each of his remaining two games.

Of course, this schedule comes under the assumption that Hanwha will normally handle the schedule without cancellation of rain. In any case, Hanwha will use Moon Dong-ju for only two games and end the season. Since advancing to the postseason is virtually over the water, there is no great pressure. Afterwards, Hanwha plans to turn Moon Dong-ju into ‘Asian Games mode’.

If so, who will replace Moon Dong-ju in the starting lineup for the rest of the September-October schedule? Director Choi Won-ho said, “First of all, I’m trying to test Nam Ji-min or Kim Ki-joong.” In the case of Kim Seo-hyun, who recently went down to Futures again, “I have to train more. He said he was fine in District 2, so he raised it. He has to report at length,” he said.

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