Korean national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who left for a business trip to Europe, is returning home.

On the 24th, the Korea Football Association announced, “Director Klinsman will return to Korea via Incheon Airport on the 26th. We will hold a brief stand interview.”

Head coach Klinsman went to Europe earlier this month to watch the matches of Korean European players and had a meeting with them. He toured England, Scotland, Italy and Germany to meet with Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic), Kim Min-jae (Napoli), Lee Jae-seong (Mainz) and Jung Woo-young (Freiburg).

In particular, national team captain Son Heung-min showed off his presence by scoring the 101st goal in the English Premier League (EPL) in front of coach Klinsman.

I met many players, but the player who caught the most attention during Klinsman’s trip to Europe was Kim Min-jae. Recently, Korean soccer has been hot due to the ‘Kim Min-jae controversy’.

After the evaluation match with Uruguay last month, Kim Min-jae said, “It’s difficult. Mentally, I’m very broken. For the time being, I plan to focus only on my team, not because of transfer rumors. There is. It has not been coordinated (with the Korea Football Association) yet.

After that, the aftermath was huge. The Korea Football Association also said that it was true that these feelings were expressed right after the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Although Kim Min-jae apologized through social media, it is not yet a perfect conclusion. He also voiced the need to give Kim Min-jae a strategic break.

Attention is focusing on whether director Klinsman will return with a ‘solution’ to this Kim Min-jae controversy.토토사이트 Director Klinsman had an interview with Kim Min-jae on the spot, and it seems that he also heard Kim Min-jae’s inner story. There is also great interest in whether Kim Min-jae will continue to play A-match or allow his strategic break.

Klinsmann’s next A match is in June. The A-match schedule was confirmed with Peru on June 16 and El Salvador on the 20th.

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