“He is doing his part very well”.

KIA Tigers left-hander Kim Ki-hoon (23) has emerged as a treasure in the bullpen. On the 21st, he pitched as the last pitcher in the Gwangju game against the Samsung Lions, giving up 1 hit and 1 walk in 2 innings, giving up no runs and providing the decisive power for the reverse electrode.

With the score trailing 2-4, in the bottom of the 9th inning Choi Hyung-Woo scored a dramatic comeback with 3 runs and a pleasant victory. It was the first victory in 1330 days since winning the starting match against Changwon NC on August 30, 2019.  

It was an overwhelming position throughout. As soon as he took the mound in the 8th inning, Lee Jae-hyun got a left-handed hit, but all three subsequent batters were treated as criminal hits. In the ninth inning, Kim Ki-chan was also sent out on a walk, but he caught it with a Pirella double hit and a strikeout by Kang Min-ho.

A powerful fastball that was not easy to attack even after knowing it stood out. Manager Kim Jong-guk applauded, saying, “Kim Ki-hoon’s scoreless pitching through two innings was the stepping stone to a comeback. He is doing his part very well.” 

Kim Ki-hoon continues his streak of zero ERA. To this day, he has played 8⅓ innings in 8 games and has not given up a single run. He allowed eight walks but blocked runs with a powerful pitch that struck out 10.

His batting average is only 1 in 1. His pitching form with high RBI is strong at the tip of the ball. If he reduces his walks going forward, he’ll likely find a place in the closer bullpen. 

At the end of last year’s season, he returned together with Sangmu and contributed to the team’s fight for the top 5, showing off a hot pitch of only 1 run in 8⅔ innings in 5 games. He expects to be active this year, and he is responding 100%. 스포츠토토 

Kim Ki-hoon said, “It’s good that the team won. Above all, it’s better to be a middle pitcher and block well without conceding runs until the team turns around. It seems that there is,” he explained the secret to fighting. 

He continued, “I have had a lot of appearances lately, but it’s not difficult. Rather, I started in important situations in the game and focused more on throwing. I want to continue to be a pitcher who helps the team win. “He made up his mind.

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