LG has confirmed a direct advance to the playoff semifinals by finishing second in the regular league for the first time in 9 years.

This season, LG has repeatedly performed well in propaganda. No one expected to achieve 2nd place in the regular season.

At the center is LG director Cho Sang-hyun. After the game, coach Cho started worrying about Asem Marey. He suffered a foot injury during the match.

Director Cho said, “I’m worried. They say I’m not very good. I need to do a thorough examination.”

Coach Cho said,바카라 “I emphasized the players’ tenacious defense this season, and this part has improved. There are many areas to be strengthened, but when Lee Jae-do and Lee Kwan-hee are caught, the important thing is what kind of attack to derive. It would not have been derived from the pick game. “It’s important to give other players room to play,” he said.

He said, “Cunningham and Lee Kwan-hee filled the void of today’s Marais well. Cunningham has a very good personality and is the most reliable player I’ve ever met. He did his part well. Lee Kwan-hee keeps asking me to handle the ball quickly, but I keep working hard. It’s very good in the defensive part. It seems that young players see these points and become the driving force for growth.”

Playoffs remain. Coach Cho said, “If Marey returns normally, I think the finals won’t go. Even if we meet SK, we can do well enough.”

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