This is the condition of Apposite Spiker Kim Hee-jin (31), as reported by Kim Ho-cheol, director of IBK Industrial Bank.

Kim Hee-jin’s knee is not normal. He is a high quality volleyball player who is destined to follow, but this year there are only ups and downs. Two months after undergoing knee surgery last year, he participated in the Tokyo Olympics, contributed to the fight in the semifinals, and the aftermath of digesting the 2021-2022 season without a break seems to return intact this season.

Still, Kim Hee-jin plays an important role in the team’s strength. He ranks only 16th in women’s scoring for the season, but ranks 5th in time-lag offense and 8th in back attack. With his outstanding skills and rich experience, just standing on the court can put pressure on the opposing team.

Manager Kim said, “Kim Hee-jin is running with knee pain. Depending on the condition of his knee, (performance) improves one day and then 메이저사이트 drops another day.” He continued, “I’m a calm player like a bear, but I tend to talk about things.” Still, he encouraged, “Any player can have that kind of heart. At such times, I hope he will show an active performance to help the team like an ace.”

Kim Hee-jin played a full set in the home game against GS Caltex on the 11th. He arranged his stamina by switching places with his teammates according to the game situation. On this day, he was responsible for 14 points, the third most on the team after Santana (23 points) and Pyo Seung-ju (20 points). Blocking also succeeded in two. However, his attack success rate was only 31.58%, reaffirming that he was still far from his normal condition.

Industrial Bank of Korea, which struggled in the first round, won 3 wins and 3 losses in the second round. As coach Kim said, who picked the 3rd round as the best place to win, his performance and organizational skills are showing signs of matching little by little. In the first game of the 3rd round, against GS Caltex, despite showing poor concentration and physical strength, he managed to win the 5th set deuce. While key players such as Santana, Pyo Seung-joo, Kim Su-ji, and Kim Ha-kyung are performing well, Kim Hee-jin’s pain relief and recovery of performance are expected to determine IBK’s future move.

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