There is only a difference in degree as in the past, but the influence of foreign players on the KBL stage is absolute. Depending on which team selected which foreign player, the joys and sorrows of a season’s performance are mixed. As evidenced by this, the teams that posted good results always had outstanding foreign players.스포츠토토

Foreign players such as Johnny McDowell, Jamil Watkins, Chris Williams, Pete Michael, Chris Lang, Levenson, Dante Jones, Charles Minland, Brian Dunston, Aaron Haynes, Jared Sullinger, etc. It is being talked about. Such genealogy is followed by Jamil Warney and Omari Spellman.

Michael Maddox (47, 204cm), who played an active part in Gold Bank and Etland, is a foreign player who once drew a lot of attention. There may not be many fans who remember it properly now that a long time has passed, but when he first entered KBL, he received so-called all-time attention. In particular, his debut match has become a hot potato enough to attract attention from the media and numerous fans at once.

On July 24, 2000 (Korean time), Maddox was nominated by the Gold Bank with the first overall pick in the foreign player draft held at the Radisson Hotel in Chicago, USA. Maddox, who has been active in Turkey, China, and Venezuela since the 1998-99 season, was a center and forward who was equipped with not only under-the-goal play but also shooting ability that exploded from any distance. At the tryout, he showed outstanding skills and received attention from each club, and Gold Bank, which had the first choice, chose Maddox without delay.

Maddox made his debut a little later than other foreign players due to injury. Nevertheless, even before his debut, a hot spotlight was poured. It is analyzed that the evaluation of other foreign players also had a great influence on this. Most of the foreign players playing in Korea at the time pointed to Maddox in unison when asked, ‘Who is the best foreign player on the KBL stage?’

In particular, the remarks of Artimus McClary (50, 191cm), who was playing for Samsung, put a wedge in that evaluation. The best foreign player at the time was definitely McClary. Just as Hyundai (now KCC) reigned as a strong player under the influence of Johnny McDowell, Samsung also saw a sharp rise in power with McClary’s addition. Although the performance did not last long, it is true that McClary had no opponents when he saw it only for that season.

Such McClary picked Maddox as the best. At the time, he singled out the underdog Gold Bank for the match against his team, Samsung, in the championship match, and the reason was simple. He said, “It is because of Maddox’s existence.” He lavishly praised, saying, ‘Now that the best foreign player is playing, Gold Bank will exert its terrifying power.’ Of course, it didn’t turn out as he said, but at the time, many fans and the media were tongue-in-cheek, saying, ‘How amazing is Maddox that he can even say such a thing?’

Maddox finally made his debut on December 14, 2000. His opponent was Hyundai (now KCC). As a result, Goldbank lost to Hyundai. There were many injured players and the organization was not properly equipped. Maddox, who received a lot of attention, managed to show a decent performance despite his poor body, but had to go through a harsh ceremony due to his physical decline at the last minute. 

Gold Bank exposed its weaknesses in several areas. Hyundai also had a serious power leak due to a series of injuries, but its organizational power was better than that of Gold Bank. With the addition of Maddox, Gold Bank has changed considerably in terms of team power, but the overall offense and defense movement did not meet expectations. Maddox was still in poor physical condition, and in addition to that, native ace Hyun Joo-yeop was also not in normal condition due to an injury.

Goldbank barely made a quick break. Originally, the team’s overall ability to break fast was low, and Maddox could not properly speed due to a knee injury. Hyeon Joo-yeop, who suffered a torn eye injury in a collision with Bong Ha-min in a practice game, also had a hard time participating in a quick break because he had not fully recovered. In a situation where the one-two punch in the team couldn’t run, there was no way it would be a quick attack. In addition to that, the absence of a seasoned point guard was one of the reasons.

In the absence of Jung Rak-young, Kim Yong-shik struggled, but his ability to develop quick attacks as a point guard was not very smooth. Jeong In-gyo, who came out as a starter, and Park Sang-wook, the core sixth man, were also slow on their feet. The problem with team speed was more serious on defense than on offense. Even if the attack was successful, the defense was not able to switch quickly, so it was hit by Hyundai’s quick attack.

His free throw percentage was also disappointing. While Hyundai calmly converts free throw opportunities into goals, Gold Bank contrasted with a low success rate. Maddox struggled with a knee injury that was not cured, such as running with a limp and going back and forth to the bench from time to time, but the play he showed once showed his ability to be ranked first overall.

Having scored his first KBL goal with a 3-point shot, he recorded 28 points (3 3-point shots) through various options such as shot under the goal and mid-range. His movement under the goal wasn’t natural, so he made frequent mistakes. However, he showed a lot, including a sensational rebound and lightning-fast spin move, as well as feeding ability.

In the early days of the defense, it seemed to be repeatedly beaten by the skill of modern Johnny McDowell, but it gradually played its part through brain play. His willingness to do the best he could, such as swinging his arms from side to side as if he couldn’t keep up with his steps, was shown. However, perhaps due to physical problems, in the 4th quarter, he made absurd plays such as airballing free throws and decisive 3-point shots, and became the main culprit of the team’s defeat.

Gold Bank’s other foreign player, Malin Kimbrew (53, 193 cm), who was rumored to be replaced, was very sluggish. He scored only two points in the first half, and looked heavy overall, and his free throws did not go well. In the second half, he seemed to show signs of recovery, such as making two surprise three-pointers in a row, but there was no further activity.

Veteran shooter Jeong In-gyo made three 3-pointers in the first quarter, raising expectations for his performance in the game, but that was all. After that he went into silence mode. Kim Yong-sik, who was playing the role of point guard with his skillful beauty, scored 16 points (2 3-point shots), and tall shooter Jang Chang-gon made 3 3-point shots. was insufficient.

◆ Michael Maddox’s regular league

record Successful 3-point shot ☞ Jeonju KCC match on January 10, 2002 = 6 / assist ☞ Suwon Samsung match on March 3, 2001 = 10 / rebound ☞ Incheon New Century match on February 11, 2001 = 21 / block shot ☞ 2001 February 13, Daejeon Hyunjeon = 5 / Steel ☞ December 29, 2001 Jeonju KCC Exhibition

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