Goyang Carrot, a new professional basketball club, wrote a new three-point shot record ‘in fact’.

In the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul SK match held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 17th, Carrot won a 106-84, 22-point victory with 3 showers.

Jeon Seong-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun (6 above), Ahn Jung-wook (4), Didric Lawson, Kim Kang-seon (2 above), and Cho Han-jin (1) combined for 21 three-pointers. 21 out of 35 were successful, with a success rate of 60%.

This is tied for 3rd in the most 3-pointers in a game by a team in KBL history. In March of last year, Changwon LG also scored 21 3-point shots against Jeonju KCC.

However, in the basketball world, Carrot and LG’s record of 21 3-pointers is considered to be number one.

The record number 1 is March 7, 2004, when 스포츠토토 Incheon Etland (now Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) recorded 28 matches against Wonju TG Sambo (now Wonju DB). The second place was 24 pieces that Ulsan Hyundai Mobis put in the LG game on the same day.

However, both records did not come from normal competition.

Moon Gyeong-eun (then E-Land, current KBL game headquarters) and Woo Ji-won (then Hyundai Mobis, retired), who were competing for the 3-point shot title, put it in a push cartel.

After it was decided whether or not to advance to the playoffs, the two continued to throw 3-pointers when there was an open opportunity, and the opponent did not defend normally.

It may be common to intentionally give a teammate a lot of attacking opportunities for the record, but it’s a serious problem when the opponent doesn’t even defend for title sharing or other reasons.

Coincidentally, in TG Sambo, which Etland faced at the time, Kim Joo-seong (now DB coach) was challenging for the block shot title.

Kim Joo-seong recorded 11 block shots in the final game, beating RF Bassett (KCC) and becoming the first Korean player to rank first in block shots. It was a match overflowing with ‘consideration’ for each other’s title award.

Their ‘dark history’ was summoned again in one day.

Doo Kyung-min (DB) scored 43 points (8 assists) alone in the game against Korea Gas Corporation on the 18th, leading DB to a 111-80 victory.

The 43 points are tied for 10th in the most points scored by a domestic player in a single game. This should also be seen as a tie for 8th place. Woo Ji-won scored 70 points (21 3-point shots) and Moon Kyung-eun scored 66 points (22) in the game where the 3-point shot pushing skit took place.

This record was put on the cutting board three years ago when Kim Seon-hyung (SK) scored 49 points in one game.

Kim Seon-hyung’s 49 points is tied for third place with former coach Kim Young-man for the most points scored by a domestic player in a single game. However, excluding the records of Woo Ji-won and Moon Kyung-eun, it is practically the best ever.

Blinded by personal greed, the result of the collusion of four teams remained as a shame that could not be washed forever.

In 2004, KBL abolished the awards based on records due to the aftermath of the push game, and it still does not.

In 2019, when President Lee Jeong-dae was in office, KBL said, “It’s the past, but this kind of game should never happen again. Their record should be left at least to give awareness and shame.”

In the future, whenever records related to scoring and 3-point shooting come out, their names will continue to be mentioned as a shameful and erased past.

Apart from this, there are many opinions that it is time to revive awards based on records.