Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) hit a home run in the game he started.토스카지노 It was a super-sized home run gun mixed with anger that he hit while allowing a home run as a pitcher earlier. He also performed his best as a hitter here. He swung a 4-hit bout missing one double in a cycling hit (hit for the cycle). For the first time in major league history, we were able to see a starting pitcher set a cycling hit record, but unfortunately it was canceled. Previously, a pitcher had set a cycling hit record (Jimmy Ryan, then of the Chicago White Stockings in 1888), but never a starting pitcher. Still, he became the first pitcher in the major leagues to pitch as a starting pitcher and became the main character who completed the “5 on base” game.

The Los Angeles Angels won the 2023 Major League (MLB) away game against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on the 16th (Korean time) after a slugfest and won 9-5. With this victory, the Angels escaped from two consecutive losses and marked 22-20. Baltimore, on the other hand, recorded 26 wins and 15 losses while losing two straight. The ranking is 2nd in the American League East Division.

As a pitcher, Ohtani succeeded in achieving 5 wins (2 losses) of the season by posting 4 hits (3 home runs), 5 strikeouts, 2 walks and 5 runs (5 earned) in 7 innings as a pitcher. However, his earned run average soared from 2.74 to 3.23. The total number of pitches was 98. 61 of those were strikes. He also went 3-for-4 as a hitter (one home run) with 3 RBI, 1 run and 1 walk. His season batting average rose from 0.287 to 0.303.

Ohtani, who stepped on the ground for the first time as a batter in the top of the first inning, walked on base and predicted the day’s performance. He singled out a straight walk off Rodriguez and then went to third base on Renfro’s double, but failed to score as Theis struck out.

1st inning followed. Ohtani took the mound as a pitcher. It was a tripartite treachery. Mullins and Lutchman had to be side by side to deal with a ground ball, then strike out Santander on the 7th pitch.

In the top of the second inning, the Angels batters helped Ohtani by picking up the first run. After one shot, Lenhipo and Walatz took chances on first and third bases with consecutive hits. Neto then scored an RBI on a sacrifice fly

by center fielder (1-0). However, in the bottom of the second inning, he caused a crisis and conceded. After one out, he gave up a right-handed hit to Henderson, and after two outs, Frazier hit a two-run four that went over the right wall. (1-2) The

two teams exchanged two runs in three innings. Ohtani managed to get on base again. After one shot, he hit a heavy hit, and after two shots, he went to second base when Tyce walked. Then, when Ursela’s 2 RBI double hit at the right time, he stepped home and overturned the game to 3-2.

However, pitcher Ohtani faltered and lost the lead. While leading hitter Mateo allowed a walk, 2nd out and 1st base situation. The first pitch was thrown against Santander, but a two-run four went over the wall in the middle (3-4).

And in the end, he exploded a home run gun mixed with anger. 4th inning. Angels leadoff hitter Wallachs drew a solo arch with a tie for superiority (4-4). After one out, Ward and Trout continued to hit first and second base with consecutive hits, and Ohtani entered the at-bat. Here, Ohtani raised a curve (129.2km) in the middle of Rodriguez and connected it with a three-run gun that hit the iron gate located on the right side of the crowd (7-4). Season 9 home run. Even after Ohtani hit the home run, he didn’t seem very happy as if he was conscious of the home run earlier. He kept his cool expression even as he walked into the dugout and exchanged high fives with his teammates. The Angels’ onslaught continued. Renfro’s walk and Tyce’s double at the right time added one point and ran away to 8-4.

Ohtani, who was on the rise after the three-run four, threw Baltimore’s batting line in three runs in the bottom of the fourth inning. In the top of the 5th, Ohtani’s bat spewed fire again. A situation where there are no 2 runners. Ohtani hit a triple through right-center against Logan Gillaspie. Otani did not sprint because of his appearance as a pitcher, but he still entered standing up to third base. Ohtani’s second triple of the season. With this triple, Ohtani left only one double in his cycling hit. Following Renfro’s timely double from left center, Ohtani scored and ran away to 9-4.

He showed a good sense of hitting as a hitter, but as a pitcher, he pitched rather difficult to satisfy himself. 5th inning followed again. A situation where there are no 2 runners. Ohtani gave away a superior solo shot to Mullins, the first hitter. Ohtani’s 154.8km four-seam fastball was accurately hit

in the middle. Even so, he completed his task without conceding an extra run. Ohtani, who made the Baltimore clean-up trio in the 6th inning 3-way. On the mound in the 7th inning, he walked to Barbra after two outs, but finished his pitch by catching Mateo with a fly out to center fielder.

Ohtani entered the 5th at-bat in the top of the 7th inning. Now, if you hit just one double, you can achieve the second cycling hit in your personal big league career. 1 company, 1st, 2nd base chance. Ohtani hit the 4th pitch with an unfavorable ball count of 0-2, but the ball went in front of the second baseman.

And the last attack of the Angels in the top of the 9th inning. Ohtani’s opportunity to set the first record in major league history came again. Neto and Ward retreated with a hit, but Trout picked out a walk. Ohtani then stepped into the plate. After the first pitch strike, he missed the second pitch. Ohtani made a somewhat uncomfortable expression. Ohtani often had a bad expression on the mound that day. and the third pitch. The ball hit by Ohtani landed in front of the left fielder. Although it wasn’t a double, it was the moment when Ohtani completed a five-base game for the first time in the major leagues.

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