This scene where a corner kick was sucked into the goal. Is it just luck? The exquisite goals drove the K-League into a storm and a reversal.


Despite the bold rotation, Daejeon’s offensive football remained the same.

Jeonbuk put a lot of pressure on them, and in the 5th minute of the second half, Anton pushed in a sharp cross and took the lead.

The scene that surprised everyone came in the 28th minute of the second half.

The corner kick kicked by Lee Jin-hyun with his left foot was exquisitely bent and bounced off the post before being sucked in.

The goal, which Klinsmann also watched, wasn’t just luck.

When we got the two corner kicks earlier, we figured out the goalkeeper’s movement and found an opening.

[Lee Jin-hyun/Daejeon Hana Citizen: I was aiming for the truth. I’ll have to kick it myself after seeing the opposing goalkeeper come forward.]

In the last minute, Jeonbuk chased a goal, but the Daejeon goal was not pierced.

While Daejeon moved up to 3rd place, Jeonbuk, who stayed in 9th place, bowed their heads in front of their home fans.

< Gangwon 3:2 FC Seoul|K League (Yesterday) >

Gangwon scored their first win in nine games with a theater goal.

In the 45th minute of the second half, when they exchanged two goals each, defender Lee Woong-hee scored a goal like this.

After hitting the opponent, he received the bouncing ball with his chest, turned his body, and finished it with a volley with his right foot.

However, the overtime referee’s decision left a tingling sensation.

The moment Seoul Palosevich hit the shot, the referee blew his whistle and declared a contested foul.

There was no goal, but it was confirmed that he tripped on his colleague’s feet and fell, so the Football Association Referee’s Committee will judge it as a mistake and take measures such as suspension of assignment to the referee.

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