Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who was on the verge of reaching the $500 million mark for the first time in the U.S. Major League due to his sensational career as a pitcher, ended up ending the season early. 

The Angels placed Ohtani on the 10-day injured list on the 17th (Korean time). The club then announced that Ohtani would miss the remainder of the season. The season officially ended early with 10 regular league games remaining.

Otani, who was cruising as a ‘two-edged style’, was diagnosed with ligament damage in his right elbow at the end of August and was unable to take the mound. Afterwards, he completed his at-bats, but on the 5th, he complained of pain in his right side, which prolonged his absence. 

Otani, who missed 11 consecutive games until the game against the Detroit Tigers the day before (16th), was reported by local media that he had already packed his locker room immediately after the game, and some suggested that he may have ended the season early. It eventually became a fact when the Angels team made it official that Ohtani would end the season early. 메이저놀이터

Ohtani was having a phenomenal season this year, with 10 wins and 5 losses in 23 games as a pitcher, an ERA of 3.14, and as a hitter, a batting average of 0.304, 44 home runs, 95 RBIs, 20 stolen bases, and an OPS of 1.066. He was likely to win his second league MVP award. Additionally, Ohtani, who will become a free agent (FA) after this season, was expected to become the first MLB player to sign a mega-contract worth more than $500 million. However, the momentum was dampened due to injury. 

Local media reports that Ohtani will need to undergo a second elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery). Otani had already undergone the surgery in 2018. If he undergoes surgery, it will be difficult to get on the mound in 2024. As it becomes unclear whether he will be able to pitch as a pitcher, it is expected to have a significant impact on Ohtani’s free agent value. Attention is also focused on Otani’s next destination as a free agent.

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