In the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Colombia, our opponent in the first leg, played too rough in the recent evaluation match, and the match was even canceled midway through. The video was later released.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


This is a scene from the closed evaluation match between Colombia and Ireland three days ago.

Ireland’s key midfielder O’Sullivan is knocked out by a rough tackle by a Colombian player.

The player complained of great pain in the shin and was transferred to the hospital, and the game was stopped after 20 minutes in the first half and ended as it was.

In the midst of the rough play of the Colombian players, even an injured player occurred, and Ireland requested the game to be canceled to protect the player.

The Irish national team coach raised his voice, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve experienced it in my 47-year football career,” but the Colombian players refuted that it was just a legitimate physical fight.

[Karabali/Colombia defender: There was no bad intention. It happened by chance.]

[Guzman/Colombia defender: Soccer is a sport that involves physical struggle. It is exchanged with each other.]

As the truth battle between the two sides spread, the video before the evaluation, which was promised to be completely confidential, was released belatedly.메이저사이트주소

Our national team will play the first leg of the group stage against Colombia on the 25th.

This is a part that needs to be prepared keeping in mind the disposition and game style of Colombian players.

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