“First of all, it is a certain fact. Boston players do not trust their manager at all.”

Eddie House (45), a native of the Boston club, said in an interview with NBC Sports Boston, a local newspaper on the 22nd, that his junior players were convinced that the manager wanted to be replaced. As a guard who played 11 seasons in the NBA, he won a championship with Boston in 2008.

As Boston suffered a shocking 102-128 loss in Game 3 against Miami in the Eastern Finals on the 22nd, leaving the series 0-3, he pointed out Joe Mazzula’s control of the locker room while leaving a general review of the game. He said the players wanted his hardship.

“The biggest difference is that Miami is more prepared,” House said. Boston players want their manager sacked. Let’s talk about what we saw. It is clear that the players do not trust the coach at all. I don’t believe in Joe Marsula at all. It just looks right,” he was sure.

He said, “If you believe in the leader of the team, he will not be able to look like today. But acting like you’ve already lost the game, such as not defending the transition at all? I hate to say this, but (the Mazula system) most likely failed completely.”

In Game 3, where the season ran, Boston players were lethargic and lacked enthusiasm. It was a serious performance enough to be suspected of slowing down. It’s not a matter of shooting. I didn’t play defense, and I didn’t play tough at all. Without physical struggle, only low-efficiency shots were fired from the outskirts day and night. As House pointed out, he didn’t even defend at all in transition.

At this level, the former NBA player’s house pointed out that it is very likely that the manager’s locker room is not in control.

Will this series be the last series of director Majula in his first year? He was a novice ‘coach’. However, ahead of the 2022-2023 season, the manager’s post became vacant as former head coach Ime Udoka was suspended after being involved in an affair scandal ahead of the season. Originally, head coach Will Hardy should have taken over, but unfortunately he was moved on to head coach the Utah Jazz.

With the season just around the corner, it was impossible to bring in an outside manager. In the end, Boston chose the lesser evil, and hastily appointed coach Majula, who has only four years of assistant coaching experience, as head coach.먹튀검증

1st year of supervising 4th year novice leaders. 1 All-NBA First Team Player (Jason Tatum), 1 All-NBA Second Team Player (Jalen Brown), 1st Sixth Man of the Year (Malcolm Brogdon), 1 All-NBA Defensive Second Team Player (Derek White) After struggling in the first and second rounds of the playoffs, they were in danger of being swept away in the third round. Against the Miami Heat, where undrafted players account for more than half of the roster.

Too young and lack of experience itself. He may become a great commander in the distant future, but right now, he seems to be lacking in many areas to take on the role of director. Currently, many great managers such as Mike Budenholzer, Nick Nulls, and Monty Williams are released in the free agent market. It was an obvious mistake for Boston to give Marsula a formal contract mid-season. Even if there are remaining contracts, it seems clear that a change in leadership is needed.

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