The recent transfer of Enso Fernandez (21) from Benfica is a hot potato. He won the Young Player Award, equivalent to the Rookie Award, at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. To strengthen their midfield, Chelsea are looking to sign him in the transfer window this winter. 

However, Benfica is in a position that there is no negotiation other than paying 120 million euros (approximately 161.5 billion won in Korean currency), which is the buyout amount 토토 (if you pay more than that amount, you can recruit only by personal negotiation). Ensogo, the core of the team, is young, has a long contract left, and doesn’t want to sell him right away. Chelsea is trying to cut it, but in this situation, manager Schmidt made a statement.

According to the Portuguese media <Hercode> on the 5th, Schmidt said, “We do not know what will happen in the future regarding Enso’s move. However, what is clear is that we do not want to sell him. “If the buyout clause is invoked, we could lose a player.”

“There are clubs that want Enso and want to take him. They pretend to pay the buyout, shake the player and then negotiate. It’s rude,” Schmidt added.