The combined championship and the EASL Champions Week championship, but it is still too early for Anyang KGC to celebrate.

In the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship Final, KGC defeated Seoul SK with a series record of 4 wins and 3 losses, achieving a combined championship six years after the 2016-17 season. Having topped the EASL Champions Week, they are having the best year ever.

However, KGC cannot just celebrate itself. Another war is coming. right F.A. When it comes to the off season, they are especially small. Let alone recruiting big fish, KGC is busy catching rabbits first.

KGC has Oh Se-geun, Moon Seong-gon, Bae Byung-jun, and Ham Jun-hoo in the FA market this year. Except for Ham Jun-hoo, who was evaluated as an outlier, Oh Se-geun, Moon Seong-gon, and Bae Byung-jun were all key players who took the lead in winning the combined championship and EASL Champions Week.

Oh Se-geun is a player that KGC must catch unconditionally to the extent that it is meaningless to explain any more. At the moment when Yang Hee-jong retired, Oh Se-geun is the player who symbolizes KGC. Having been selected as the final MVP for the third time in his career, he is an unrivaled existence that does not allow competition until the moment he is in his mid-30s. In the 2022-23 season, when time management was thorough, it also boasted the highest efficiency.

Moon Seong-gon is KBL’s best lockdown defender, boasting unrivaled defense and rebounding capabilities in KGC and the entire KBL. As the successor recognized by Yang Hee-jong, he shows the same appearance as a cloned human. Although the expectations for his attack power are not high, Seong-Gon Moon is a player who can dominate the game with just the outside part.

Bae Byeong-jun is a shooter who filled the void left by Seong-hyeon Jeon. He has decent defensive skills here. KGC showed off the best performance among the 3 players (Kim Cheol-wook, Bae Byung-jun, Jung Jun-won) recruited after losing Jeon Seong-hyun.

KGC’s FA market mission this time is to retain the three players mentioned above. Yang Hee-jong’s retirement, Byun Jun-hyung, Han Seung-hee, and Joo Hyun-woo’s enlistment in the military, the salary cap is more comfortable than before. In addition, from the 2023-24 season, 200 million won increased to 2.8 billion won. In addition, the domestic salary cap does not include lens Abando worth more than 200 million won. At this point, there seems to be no major problem with the salary cap.

The variable is that Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon are very popular. Bae Byung-Jun is also receiving a lot of attention this season, raising his value as a shooter. It is true that other clubs have more room than before due to the domestic salary cap increase and the exclusion of the Asian quota. In addition, in this market with a lot of free agency resources, there may be clubs that give up rabbits and go ‘all-in’ to Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon. It’s a predictable scenario.

Then, can KGC compete in the ‘money game’ with other clubs? In the meantime, they showed a weak appearance, and eventually the fans held a truck protest in June 2022. The resentment he had endured exploded as he lost successive winning members such as Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Jae-do, and Jeon Seong-hyun. Some fans even expressed their intention to give up cheering if they lost even Oh Se-geun and Moon Sung-gon in the last truck protest.토스카지노

Even if Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon make up for the power gap with transfers and other free agents, KGC lacks justification. After all, both players are franchise stars and one-club men. It is said that romance has disappeared recently, but it is still a part that can be evaluated with high value. For both the team and the players.

After all, KGC is not in a situation where it can only congratulate itself even though it is having the best time in the history of the club from the winter of 2022 to the spring of 2023. At least Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon must have a plan in place. Will their off-season this year be different from before? It’s not easy, but it’s a mission that must be accomplished.

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