kt wiz’s foreign pitcher Bo Shul-seo eventually went down to the Futures League.

On the 29th, kt canceled Schulser from the first team entry. On the 28th, Chulser started as a starting pitcher against the Daegu Samsung Lions and collapsed with 8 hits, 1 home run and 6 runs in 3.1 innings. It seems that this match became a decisive opportunity for the Futures League.

Shulser played five games in May and lost all of them without a win, leaving the worst record with an ERA of 8.39.

It’s not just the May record that’s bad. Schulser was ranked last in the league in most indicators of pitcher performance. Based on the standard innings, the average ERA is 5.26 (2nd lowest), the batting average is .333 (the lowest), the on-base percentage is .372 (the lowest), the batting average .480 (the lowest), and the OPS is .852 (the lowest). In other words, Schulser makes all the batters he faces into Choi Joo-reimbursed players (OPS .850).

Above all, his pitch is not able to overcome the KBO League hitters. Schulser’s strikeout rate per 9 innings (K/9) is 6.34, the lowest 6th, and the home run rate per 9 innings (HR/9) is 1.09, 4th lowest.

According to Baseball Prospectus, the strikeout rate can be meaningfully interpreted when data of 60 or more at-bats is accumulated. Since Schulser has already dealt with 221 batters in 49.2 innings, it is unlikely that his strikeout rate will improve dramatically.

If you look at the batter’s swing tendency, it seems that Schulser’s ball is easy to figure out. The higher the swing rate outside the strike zone (OZ), the easier it is to induce batters to hit and miss. However, Schulser’s OZ swing rate is 30.7%, the 7th lowest, but the OZ contact rate is 68.7%, the 8th highest. Hitters are not fooled by Schulser’s ball, and even if he swings, it easily leads to contact.

In a word, it is a total mess. Since they can’t catch strikeouts, the defense desperately needs help, and even if the defense tries to help, it is very difficult to manage risks as they allow frequent home runs. Even if you throw the ball out of the strike zone, it doesn’t elicit a reaction from the batter.

According to kt, Schulser will be readjusted in the Futures League. He seems to have a hard time avoiding the release if he can’t raise his pitch.스포츠토토

KT signed a contract with Schulser as a replacement for Despine. At the time of signing the contract, kt general manager Na Na-hyeon expressed his anticipation, saying, “If he adapts well to the domestic league, he will be expected to play a part in the team’s starting lineup.” Contrary to Director Na’s wishes, Shulser stood at the crossroads of being released. Attention is focusing on whether Schulser will be able to rebound.

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