The women’s soccer match between Korea and Japan has been delayed.

The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games women’s soccer organizing committee changed the quarterfinals bracket announced on the competition website on the 18th (Korean time). However, it is reported that there was no separate notification.

The women’s soccer team led by coach Colin Bell was placed in Group E along with Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Myanmar at the Hangzhou Asian Games women’s soccer team. 

Since they belong to a relatively weak team, first place is likely. As they were first in Group E, attention was focused on the quarterfinals bracket.먹튀검증

Initially, the first place in Group E, which Korea belonged to, was to meet the first place in Group D in the bracket. Japan was likely to advance to first place in Group D, which included Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Naturally, a Korea-Japan match was expected from the quarterfinals. It was an unfavorable match for Japan, a powerhouse in women’s soccer, but fortunately the bracket was changed.

In the women’s soccer quarterfinals matchup posted on the website that day, the first place in Group E, which Korea belongs to, will face the second place in Group D or the first place in Group C.

Conversely, the 1st place in Group D will compete with the 1st place in Group C or 2nd place in Group E to advance to the semifinals. 

The possibility of a Korea-Japan match in the quarterfinals has been delayed, but if both teams advance to the tournament at the top of each group and win, they will face each other in the finals if they advance to the finals.

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