Is it because I have too much motivation? KIA infielder Park Chan-ho (28) suffered an unexpected injury.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk reported the news of Chan-ho Park’s injury ahead of the game against Lotte held at Gwangju Stadium on the 13th.

Coach Kim Jong-guk explained, “There is some damage, but it is not to the point where I need surgery, so I can play as a pinch runner or defender.”안전놀이터

The day before, Chan-Ho Park started as the No. 1 shortstop in the Daegu Samsung game and suffered an injury to his left hand while sliding headfirst in the 5th inning. Chan-ho Park, who was replaced, underwent a hospital examination and was diagnosed with damage to the ligaments of his left fourth finger.

Coach Kim took comfort in saying, “There is no defender or pinch runner as good as Park Chan-ho.”

However, starting appearances are impossible for the time being. Director Kim predicted that it would take “about 3 weeks” and said, “I think I will have to take a break and check while testing.”

With Chan-ho Park excluded from the starting lineup, Do-young Kim took on the role of leadoff.

Director Kim said, “It’s the same for any director, but he doesn’t have to do the first sliding,” adding, “Sometimes he does it because he’s in a hurry, and some times it happens without him even realizing it.” “I’ve seen him get seriously injured a lot, so even in the major leagues, we’re telling him not to slide head first to first base if possible,” he said.

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