The Samsung Lions, who recorded consecutive wins in the last two games of the weekend’s three-game series, succeeded in achieving the first three-game winning series of the season.

On the 27th, in the confrontation with the Kiwoom Heroes at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, the Samsung Lions won 8-6 thanks to starter Won Tae-in’s 7 scoreless innings and 3 hits by Koo Ja-wook and Oh Jae-il.

Samsung, which had been dragged down in the previous Saturday game, was overturned by Oh Jae-il’s grand-base run in the bottom of the 8th inning, and the bullpen that came out following Won Tae-in in the top of the 8th inning, which was leading 8-0 in the game a day later, collapsed one after another and scored 6 runs in one inning. falls into crisis.

Lee Sang-min, Hong Jeong-woo, and Lee Seung-hyun failed to finish the inning, but Kim Tae-hoon barely finished the 8th inning, and Oh Seung-hwan, who pitched for two days in a row, blocked the 9th inning scoreless, securing the team victory with his 23rd save of the season.

Samsung, which achieved victory by creating a foothold for victory in the ‘Promised Episode 8’, went back and forth between heaven and hell a day later, experiencing a great crisis in the 8th episode.

Samsung, who eventually took both games in which both teams exploded in the 8th inning, gave up the first game of the 3-game series and then showed the power to take the winning series with 2 consecutive wins. It is the first time since the confrontation with Lotte in early June that Samsung won the winning series with two consecutive wins after losing the first game.안전놀이터

Samsung, which had only won 1 win as the previous confrontation with the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon was canceled due to rain in 2 games, continued its momentum by finishing all 3 consecutive matches against LG and KIA with 2 wins and 1 loss for the first time in the season. Finish with a dominant grade.

In the second half of the season with many come-from-behind victories, Seung-hwan Oh’s role in charge of the team’s back door has grown especially, and Seung-hwan Oh, who has already added 10 saves in the month of August, has 7 left in his 400 saves in the KBO League, raising the possibility of achieving this during the season.

Samsung, who won consecutive victories in the fierce game in the second half of the game, narrowed the gap with Lotte Giants in 7th place by 2.5 games, continuing to look like a strong player in the second half.

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