Doosan Bears Kim Dong-ju (20), who surpasses the prestige of “batter” Kim Dong-ju as a pitcher, failed to achieve the requirement for 3 wins in the season even though he pitched well.

Kim Dong-joo started in the 2023 KBO League regular season home game against the Samsung Lions held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 24th and pitched well with 4 hits, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and no runs in 5 innings. lowered to 1.82. However, he failed to achieve the third win of the season without receiving any scoring support.

Kim Dong-joo is one of the leading candidates for the Rookie of the Year award this season. He joined Doosan in 2021 with the 10th rank in the first round and debuted in the first team last year. He won the 5th starting position after competing with his fastball and bold appearance, and continued to compete for the rookie of the year after continuing good pitching.

Kim Dong-ju started off with a hit by lead batter Kim Hyun-joo in the first inning. However, after a 7-pitch game with follow-up hitter Lee Jae-hyun, he induced a left fielder’s fly ball, followed by a strikeout with a forkball against the Koo Ja-wook-Jose Pirella line, which Samsung boasts, and a fast ball to lead the second baseman’s fly ball.

Sporadic hits continued, but Kim Dong-joo’s crisis management ability shone. Kim Dong-ju also allowed two singles in the second inning. However, he struck out at every turn. All of them were fastballs, and Oh Jae-il blocked the inning with a missed swing and Ahn Joo-hyung with a looking strikeout. However, the high fastball he threw against Joo-hyung An was a little too high to be considered a strike, but he got the call.

In the 3rd episode, I rode the flow and overwhelmed with power. Kim Dong-joo increased the proportion of breaking balls against Kim Hyun-joon, whom he met for the second time, and induced a strikeout on a swing, and Lee Jae-hyun also dropped a forkball and struck out. Ja-wook Koo also got a floating ball from the left fielder and completed a tripartite inning.스포츠토토

Episodes 4 and 5 showed sharp checks and escaped from the crisis on their own. Kim Dong-joo sent Kang Han-wool out due to a shortstop error in the 4th inning, and a runner with a double and a walk in the 5th inning. Kang Han-wool, however, was read out by Kim Dong-ju for a stolen base attempt, and Kim Hyun-joon, who reached base in the 5th inning, was also checked and gave the third out count to Kim Dong-ju, closing the 5th inning.

Even with a good fight, it failed to meet the season 3 win requirement. On this day, the Doosan lineup got 5 hits and 3 walks against Samsung starter Albert Suarez, but failed to score. Doosan also started a bullpen confrontation by putting Kim Myung-shin on the mound in the 6th inning, which was tight 0-0, without using Kim Dong-ju, who threw 92 pitches in 5 innings.

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