Despite the recent slump, it is still popular.

British media ‘Metro’ reported on the 13th (Korean time), “Manchester United, Newcastle United and Aston Villa are interested in signing Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid, 23).”메이저사이트주소

Felix is ​​known as Portugal’s next generation star. He left Benfica to join Atlético Madrid in 2019 in recognition of his talent. At the time, the transfer fee alone was a whopping 126 million euros (approximately 179.4 billion won).

He mainly plays as a second striker who can play right under the forward striker. He has a powerful and sharp kick, and his ball handling is also excellent. It is said that he has high potential compared to his young age, as he is also equipped with creativity.

However, rumors of a feud with coach Diego Simeone erupted during last season. He immediately found a new team. First of all, I chose a 6-month lease at Chelsea. It was his first Premier League appearance since his debut.

However, he did not perform as well as expected. He showed a disappointing presence. In total he scored 4 goals in 20 appearances, a disappointment for Chelsea. In the end, he returned to Atlético Madrid after the season without any special variables.

The current situation is similar to last season. Transfer rumors are constantly pouring in. It is crucial that Felix wants to leave Atletico Madrid.

Manchester United, Newcastle and Villa are showing interest. The three teams are in the process of reinforcing players to prepare for the upcoming season’s European club competition. Manchester United and Newcastle participate in the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL), and Villa participate in the European Football Federation Europa Conference League (UECL). Although Felix has been in a slump recently, it is said that his potential is still limitless at the age of 23 this year.

According to ‘Transfer Markt’, a media specializing in football statistics, Felix’s estimated ransom is 50 million euros (approximately 71.2 billion won), and his contract expires in the summer of 2027.

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