In the top of the 10th inning of overtime, when Samsung Jose Pirella hit a sacrifice fly, the game seemed to be over. Doosan had already started three consecutive fights, pouring Park Chi-guk and Jeong Cheol-won, and on the mound stood Hong Geon-hee, the closer who had been throwing from the previous inning. However, the game was just beginning.

On the 25th, Doosan won 4-3 after an 11th overtime match against Samsung in Jamsil. He allowed a sacrifice fly to Pirella and entered the bottom of the 10th with a 2-3 lead. Yang Eui-ji, a pinch hitter, came out as the first batter. He suffered a shin injury during home sliding in the first inning the day before, and was limping with a bandage on his ankle even before the game that day.

However, Yang Eui-ji was Yang Eui-ji. He hit Oh Seung-hwan’s second pitch fast. Yang Eui-ji ran to second base without delay, as if not caring about the injury at all. It was a close battle enough for Samsung to request a video review, but Yang Eui-ji’s fighting spirit was so strong. He was judged safe by a narrow margin. Doosan turned the game back to square one with Jeong Su-bin’s witty squeeze bunt from 1 out and 3 base.

At the beginning of the 11th inning, Samsung regained momentum. Leading batter Oh Jae-il chose a walk, and Lee Byung-hun’s bombing and Kim Tae-goon’s bunt gave him a chance to run 1 out and 3 base. However, Park Jeong-soo prevented the crisis well. He caught Kim Young-woong with a strikeout, and Kim Hyun-joon was also treated as a foul fly in left field.

At the end of the fateful 11th inning, Samsung had a chance to end the inning before Kim Jae-ho ended the game. In the 2nd 1st and 2nd bases, Hong Jung-woo induced Jang Seung-hyun to foul fly in the infield. However, first baseman Lee Tae-hoon dropped the ball he chased after. The two-man bases were thus created, and veteran Kim Jae-ho did not miss the chance. He hit Hong Jeong-woo’s 4th pitch and ended the game.

After the game, Kim Jae-ho said, “When Samsung missed a foul fly, I thought that a chance would come to me. I wanted you to come unconditionally,” he said. Kim Jae-ho, who returned to the first team on the 23rd, said he wanted to show that veterans are still alive.

Park Jeong-soo,메이저놀이터 who successfully prevented the crisis in the 11th inning, won his first win of the season. Park Jeong-soo said, “I climbed the mound with the determination to block it unconditionally.” I also cheered for the team’s victory, not the first win of the season.” Park Jeong-soo said, “It is true that I was nervous because I did not have much experience in important situations, but if I continue to throw well, I will be able to pitch in important situations more often.”

Baek Jung-hyun of Samsung pitched well with 2 runs in 8 innings, and Oh Jae-il also struggled with 3 hits this day, following 2 RBIs and 2 bases the day before, but the light faded with an overtime defeat.

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